5 Reasons To Hire One Stop Events Bali As Your Wedding & Event Planner

Event planning - whether you're organizing for business or for a special/personal occasion - can be a full-time gig. In fact, many individuals have made a career out of it, applying their creativity, networking skills, and hard work ethics. Us awesome people are called professional event planners, wedding planners, and event managers. Majority of our time and energy is spent planning events, weddings, engagements, birthdays, significant celebrations, and special occasions for a wide range of clients.

At some point in considering an event, the question often asked is: " Do I need to hire an event planner?"

We compiled this list below to assist you in deciding whether you should hire an event planner / organizing company to help with your event. Of course, the decision is entirely up to you, but if any of these points resonates with you, then it might be time to give One Stop Events Bali a call.


At first, planning event might seem easy. "How hard can it really be?" Right? But the gravity of the planning hits quickly during the time leading up to any event. You realize there are many tasks that need to be completed, confirmed, or check, to ensure the event is on schedule and not exceeding budget. Planning your event by yourself can be difficult to manage when you are juggling a career and personal commitments at the same time. Then all of a sudden your stress levels hit the roof. Our team at One Stop Events will be dedicated to ensuring the event is delivered on time, and within your budget. After all, it's our job!


Many people assume that do-it-yourself event planning will cost costs and save money. And this is most likely because they came to the conclusion that event planners/organizers are very expensive. However, there is more to consider than just the initial cost. One Stop Events Bali has built trusted and lasting relationships with venues, vendors, speakers, and necessary suppliers, that are required to make your event a success. Due to our frequent business interactions with these sources, discounts and special offers are usually available to us - perks that are not always available to the general public. The One Stop Events Bali team has also vast experience when it comes to areas where costs can be cut, which will result in you saving your money.


Over the years, our team has gained extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to planning events, parties, and social functions. We have knowledge in the latest trends, the best venues, budget friendly industry secrets, and details that you may be unaware of. In relation to the previous point, One Stop Events Bali has built up a large network of trusted local vendors and suppliers. We will easily find the right supplier for any type of event and we will also complete a risk analysis to highlight the potential risks to an event going wrong. Our experience allows up to know exactly what to do to prevent these from happening.


For One Stop Events Bali, creativity is absolutely necessary. If an inexperienced person/company should organize your event, chances are you might not get that unique theme. The theme and aesthetics of your event makes it memorable in the minds of your guests. We will not settle for just an kind of look. Our team will think of creative ways to beautifully showcase your preferences while providing value to you and your guests.

Stress Free

This is the most important point. One Stop Events Bali will eliminate all the stresses and headaches that come with planning your event, so your only responsibility on the day of and leading up to the day of your event, is to sit back and have fun! Our team's organizational skills unsure that your event timeline and deadline is distributed to all vendors assisting with your event. At the end of the day, the team at One Stop Events Bali will serve as an extension of you. We will do all the "heavy-lifting" so that you can be a VIP guest at your event and be remembered by your guests.

Let us take handle the stress for you and take the burden off of your shoulders! One Stop Events Bali is an established event planning, organization, and catering team and we will ensure your event runs perfectly. Contact us at for inquiries or give us a call at +62 819 - 3434 - 3044

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