How Long Should I Leave Between My Hens Party & My Wedding

In the West, Hen Parties have a been a staple of marriage. But as time passes, cultures change and there will be different standard ways of celebrating your last night of being single. This also includes the date of your hen party. Typically, the gap between a hen and a wedding is about 1-2 months. But this more of a trend than a rule.

The Traditional Way

Traditionally, a hen party is the last night before the marriage. It was less common as its counterpart - the man's stag, and wasn't even mentioned in America until the late 19th Century. Hen party was the general reference for a party of women. The 1960's brought about the sexual revolution and included the hen party alongside the men's stag. It was known to be held the night before the big day and very similar to the stag.

The Modern Way

With more and more partying becoming a larger part of the night, hen parties were getting pushed back to the weekend before, to give some space for recovery. The hen party then took up a whole week which provided more time for others things, and therefore, the modern hen party concept was born.

Especially in the United Kingdom and its freedom of travel, hens parties were allowed to go all over in search of an amazing time and the industry boomed! Globally, as travel got more and more easier, the time dedicated to hen parties grew. Travel costs drop and eyes are turning towards other continents and islands to partying in the sun or moonlight, like Bali, Indonesia. This provided a better time but also meant more planning and organizing. Hen Parties in Bali are usually held a month before the wedding.


As hen parties grow in popularity and importance, so does the time between them and the weddings. Hen parties should be a big deal as they see off your best mate to a life of marriage. It could be your last big night to party with them before you start focusing on your life and future family. So why not go big? One Stop Events Bali will help you plan and organize the kind of hen party you prefer, and the activities should be before you even start looking at dates. We have been doing events and weddings in Bali for many years and have built strong relationships with vendors, venues, and other services across the island. Get in touch with us to discuss more about how we can make your hen party one to remember for life!

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