How To Plan Your Engagement In Bali

So have a ring on your finger! Congratulations! Now it’s time to plan the ultimate engagement party in the romantic atmosphere of Bali, Indonesia. Our team at One Stop Events Bali has compiled some tips for you to consider while organizing your celebrations. One Stop Events Bali is a premium event management firm that specializes in event planning and organization in Bali, Indonesia. We have been leading the industry for over a decade!

The First Step

Your first step is to decide who throws the celebrations. Commonly, the bride’s parents host the engagement party on their behalf, but in today’s society, just about anyone can take charge of hosting - no rules anymore. The couple’s parents can collaborate, and even the couples themselves can grab the reins and host it. Some even choose to throw separate parties for family and another for friends. Just be considerate and open minded to whoever wants to celebrate your special milestone!

Your style and theme

One Stop Events will take charge of the decorations and theme of your engagement party. With our expertise, you will have a wide range of options to choose from.

The engagement party is commonly more low-key than the big wedding day (because you wouldn’t want to overpower your big day, of course!) But if there’s a party, there needs to be food and drink for your attendees.

Food and Drink

Food and drink is absolutely necessary for a party. One Stop Events Bali also offers in-house catering to take the cooking and prep stress off of your shoulders. Our catering will not limit you in any way but in fact, open you up to more options. Some of our clients prefer casual affairs like backyard barbecues or brunches, while some prefer a more glamorous event with more traditional formalities. Our team coordinates both your theme and your menu, so they both go hand-in-hand.


Being in the wedding industry in Bali, Indonesia for over a decade, One Stop Events Bali has built profound relationships with venues, resorts, hotels, and event space across the country. We provide a large selection of ideal engagement party locations from private properties, beach venues, rooftops/patios, and amazingly unique restaurants that would make your experience a memorable one.

Guest List

Regardless of who plans your engagement party, you must be responsible for the guest list. One of the main rules is: do not invite someone to the engagement party that wouldn’t be invited to the wedding. Keep in that it’s okay and normal to keep your celebration relatively small and intimate. Don’t feel obligated to send invitations to every single person you know. Consider the significant people in your life - parents, close family members, best friends, and anyone else who has made an impact in your life - these people will more than likely be equally as excited to celebrate your engagement with you.

Pick a date

Picking the date of the event is always a bit difficult. Ideally, the date should be not too close to the big day, but not too soon after you get engaged either. We advise, if you’re getting married in over a year, throwing your engagement party within six months should work just fine. If you’re getting married much sooner than that, we advise celebrating your engagement as soon as possible.

Send out invitations

One Stop Events Bali will also work with you on this. If you choose to have a more casual party, we can organize sending out an e-vite and keep it low-key. If you go for a more formal affair, we will organize beautiful paper invitations that show off your personalities.

Bring the party to life!

The amount of decorations your party needs depends on your style, budget, and size. If you’re having a fairly small, intimate event, you most likely will not need to go crazy with decorations. But if you choose a fancy, formal affair, you may want to consider a few accents. One Stop Events Bali can make your engagement party look fabulous! We can provide floral arrangements, candles/lanterns, and even photo booths and a bar!

Keep in mind, planning an engagement party doesn’t impose the amount of pressure as a wedding - so take advantage of this and have some fun with it! One Stop Events Bali will help you shine your personalities through your engagement party! We will show what makes relationship so special. Time to celebrate!

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