7 Reasons Why Destination Weddings In Bali Are The Best!

Here are way more than 10 reasons why you should get away and wed. From experiencing cultures to spending real bonding time with closest friends and family. According to the stats, one in four couples fly out of their home country for a destination wedding. One Stop Events Bali is a premier wedding planner and event organizer in Bali and can plan your destination wedding to Bali - from the venue to the food, we've got it all taken care of.

Here are 10 reasons why our team at One Stop Events Bali thinks that Destination Weddings are the best!

2 for 1

While many couples have their wedding locally then fly to Bali or other beautiful destinations cor their honeymoon, there's still a large percentage of couples who prefer to do both wedding and honeymoon in one trip. So if you were thinking about replacing your honeymoon for your destination, don't! Staying a few days extra in your destination to honeymoon wouldn't hurt - You've already flown all the way there anyway.

No Home Field Advantage

What if you and your family is from Spain and your spouse-to-be and family is from China? You pick somewhere else! Destination weddings are often the perfect "geographical equalizer" because they serve as a neutral location. And because of the new environments, your big day will be even more exciting for both you and your guests.

Spend More Time With Your Guests

One of the main reasons destination weddings are popular is because they allow the bride and groom more opportunity to actually interact with their guests over a longer period of time as opposed to only a night with regular weddings. With destination weddings in Bali, quality time is much more of a possibility - (especially if no one is going home!)

Get more for your Money

Destination weddings are generally more affordable when compared to hometown weddings. On average, a couple can save more than $2,200 when they choose to travel for their big day. This is because resorts in top destinations are vying for your business, usually offering perks like room upgrades and complimentary anniversary stays. Plus, with the scenery here in Bali, you won't need much decor - only a skilled wedding planner to integrate decor with environment (One Stop Events Bali!)

Skip the tradition

Why not ditch the heels? How about a barefoot bash? You won't be the only one preferring this. About 60% of brides want their wedding to be remember as a fun and casual party, as opposed to a formal event. These numbers correlate to the number of couples flying abroad to get married. Destination weddings ideally are for couples steering away from the traditional wedding.

Bucket List

Ever thought of surfing in Bali? Playing with monkeys? Learn about new cultures? Whether it's on a beach or inside of a venue, Bali has more than enough settings to fit and match your personalities and plenty of unique activities to do in and around Bali.

Better Photos

Your local banquet hall may be extravagant inside but will most likely have limited scenery. In Bali, whether you choose the beach, forest, or exotic villa, the shots you'll get will be epic! One Stop Events Bali also provides photographers to capture your special moments.

Destination weddings are more possible than you think! One Stop Events Bali plans and organizes Bali Destination weddings for couples all over the world. We are a premier wedding planner and event organizer and our services range from venue selection to furniture/decor to even catering! Contact us now to discuss more about how we can make your wedding dreams come true!

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