Planning Your Destination Wedding

Choosing to get married in Bali, Indonesia, means you're in for a much more intimate ceremony and can enjoy both wedding celebrations and honeymoon in the same place. But before you fly all your friends and family to Bali, there's a few details to consider for your special day.

Hire A Professional Planner

One Stop Events Bali specializes in planning and organizing weddings on the exotic island of Bali. We remove all the stresses involved with language barrier, vendor and venue communication, networking, and all the other headaches that come with planning a wedding. Our team has strong relationships with venues, vendors, resorts, and hotels across Bali to give you the best deal within your budget.

Notify Your Guests In Advance

One of the most important stages in planning your destination weddings is choosing an appropriate date and giving your intended guests plenty of time to decide, calculate and save in advance so they can be there on your perfect day. Everyone will be excited to come to Bali for your wedding and it would be helpful to give them enough time to prepare, especially those who don't travel often

Arrive Early

We recommend arrive at least 2 weeks prior to your special day to ensure all your preferences are satisfactory - although One Stop Events Bali will take care of that for you! Some couples prefer to pay Bali an initial visit to meet us in person and get a feel of Bali.

Pack Your Dress In Your Carry-On

NEVER check your dress in. Call your airline ahead of time to check for any on-flight accommodations for wedding dresses. And while there are brides who splurge on transporting their dress by purchasing its own plane ticket or flying first class, we understand that not all brides have a large enough budget to give their wedding dress VIP flight treatment. The best bet is the sacrifice your carry-on for your wedding dress. Some of our clients resort to using vacuum bags to save on space in their carry-on, and have their dress ironed out when they arrive in Bali.

If you absolutely cannot pack your dress in your carry-on or afford any of the other options and must resort of packing it in your suitcase, watch Alaska Airline's travel tips video on packing your wedding dress in checked luggage.

Let us help plan your wedding in Bali! One Stop Events Bali will take charge of the planning from the beginning to the end of your marital ceremony and celebrations. For more inquiries, feel free to email us at or give us a call at +62 819 3434 3044.

We look forward to hearing from you and help you plan your big day!

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