Timeless Wedding Trends

At One Stop Events Bali, we’ve organized and planned dozens of Bali Weddings for beautiful couples throughout years of our business. So rest assured that we can inform from experience in regards to what’s trendy and what’s no longer trending. But we’ve noticed a few trends that remains consistent, regardless if you’re getting married in Bali or at home. It’s a fact that in one way or the other, every couple wants their wedding to stand out from the rest and have some sort of uniqueness. Ideally, it would be a wedding that’s unforgettable and timeless, something that you, your kids and grandkids and look back on and admire.

The team at One Stop Events Bali put together a few trends / aspects of weddings that have remained a big part of weddings no matter where you are and what year it is. One Stop Events Bali is a premier Bali wedding planner, Bali event Organizer, and Bali Catering company that can organize your wedding celebrations from beginning to the very end.

The First Dance

In many cases, the first song for the first dance is very influenced by the era in which the wedding will take place. But the trend itself remains consistent. Years ago when Royal Balls were more common for guests of honor would open the floor with ballroom dancing. These were days when everyone somehow knew how to Waltz, and other formal dances. Today, the couple usually opens the dancefloor with a Waltz or similar, to a romantic song that reminds them of when they first met, or reminds them of their personalities.

Wedding Cake Cutting

The trend for wedding cakes to break all the traditional boundaries and be reflective of unique style. This can range from hollywood themed cakes, cupcake towers, to tiered cakes. Regardless of what you choose, wedding cakes remain a trend and has been a classical one. It is a special element of weddings and we predict that it will continue to be a big part of Bali Weddings. At One Stop Events Bali, our Bali Catering department will handle all the work involving the cake for you! Just tell us what your preferences are and we will get the perfect cake so you and your guests can indulge!

White Weddings

In today’s Bali Wedding industry, the emphasis on colors and themes continue to grow. But even so, white weddings have a timeless grace. Most of our brides continue to wear their beautiful white wedding gown - a traditional that stems from Queen Victoria, when she married Prince Albert. Years later, the white bridal gown became a symbol of purity, a symbolism that seems a bit outdated. The trend continues to grow effortlessly with or without symbolism.

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings, especially Bali Weddings, is a great trend that summons all the values that weddings are supposed to uphold. Your wedding is a huge milestone in your life that gathers all your close family and friends. Now, imagine having all of them at your special day, in an exotic paradise, and throwing an amazing party or everyone!

While this may seem like a biased opinion, our team at One Stop Events Bali and our clients firmly believe that Bali, Indonesia is the perfect destination for your wedding. It’s a perfect opportunity to bring your dearest families and friends together for an extended getaway just to celebrate YOUR day. Our team organizes every aspect of your wedding, so you don’t have to stress about planning everything in a land you’ve never been to before. And on top of all that, we work within your budget! Your Bali Wedding will be something for everyone to talk about for ages!

Blessings from Parents

In many societies across our world, it is customary for the man to seek permission from the bride-to-be’s father to marry his little girl. This trend is timeless because today, at its philosophical core, it represents the bond between the two families. It is simply a declaration of dedication. It also signifies respect, while giving the hint that the wedding planning process is around the corner.

Professional Videography & Photography

This trend will never die. And the reason is simple, anyone can shoot photos these days. With the growth of DIY photography and videography via mobile phones and handheld devices, it creates the illusion that photography is an easy task.

But would you want to risk that on your special day? Your Bali wedding is one that you will never forget, but having professional pictures taken of your moments together with your significant other, with your family and friends, and of all the activities, you’ll be able to cherish these in a tangible manner as well. It takes a professional photographer to capture love amongst everyone. One Stop Events Bali assigns the best wedding photographers to shoot your moments at your Bali Wedding. You’ll be able to receive magazine-worthy images that captures your big day in its entirety.

Of course, it isn’t a rule to follow any of these trends. Feel free to go your own creative path. These are just some of the recurring trends we’ve seen throughout our many years in the industry. One Stop Events Bali works with you to create this special day for you and everyone, whatever your preferences are - the sky is the limit!

Whether you’re getting married in Bali, hosting your birthday in Bali, or a gathering for everyone, One Stop Events Bali will handle all the stress for you. From Food & Beverage Catering, to Live Entertainment & Djs, to Cakes and Venues, and even your makeup and dress! - We guide you throughout the entire process right here in Bali! Get in touch with us now to book your dates and let’s get you and your family to Bali to celebrate your big day!

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