Why You Should Host Your Event At Home

There are plenty of reasons why you should host your special event at home or backyard. Whether its a birthday, wedding, graduation celebration, or simply a special occasion you'd like to share with your close ones, your home may be the perfect venue. With that being said, using your own space as your venue may not be the ideal choice for everyone and it does come with its own set of challenges and limitations. While renting a venue also has its own advantages and benefits, some hosts still prefer to have their event at home. Here are some reasons why some of our clients choose to host their event at home, and why you should hire One Stop Events Bali to take the work off of your hands.

No Venue Cost

If you choose to host your event at home or backyard (or a friend's) you will not have to pay the venue cost that you would at a more traditional/commercial space. You might also save on rental costs if you decide to use your own furniture - something that may not be included in a venue rental.

Freedom of schedule

Many venues, especially wedding venues, are often fully booked up to a year ahead and sometimes even two or three years, leaving you very few options when it comes to date selection. By hosting your event with One Stop Events Bali at home or in your backyard, you have the freedom to select any date that works for your, your guests, your family, and your significant others, leaving no hassle about dates.

No Rules!

Being able to write your own rules and regulations is one of the primary reasons why most people decide to host their event or wedding in their home or backyard. Often, many venues have certain ways that they like to host their events which may leave little room for you to add your own personal touches like games, loose dinner seating, activities for the kids, etc. Games and casual activities have become a trend especially at Weddings and the freedom to do this can entice anyone to book their event at home.


Hosting your event or wedding at home gives you the freedom to decorate it any way your wish. One Stop Events Bali will help you choose a theme that incorporates the style of your home. You are also free to utilize your backyard, garden, and any other space in your yard (providing the weather is good.)

Our versatile team at One Stop Events Bali can organize and plan your events for you, regardless if you decide to host at home, or at a dedicated venue. Whether you're having a weeding, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, engagement, baby shower, graduation, or any social gathering, we can plan to perfect event so you and your guests can enjoy a memorable occasion.

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